Chipotle BBQ Sauce - If you like a little bit of heat with your BBQ sauce, then make your Whiskey BBQ with this! The smokiness of the chipotle's mixed with the creamy heat makes a fantastic BBQ sauce to slather on ribs or burgers.
Sweet with Heat BBQ Sauce - Maybe you like your BBQ sauce a bit sweeter? If the combination of sweet and heat lights your grills, then give it a whirl.
Southern Roast - This is a two day recipe. Make the night before and let it soak for a delicious, mouth watering roast.
Smokey BBQ Sauce - Maybe you don't like the heat? Try this smokey favourite for ribs or pork.
Creamy Wasabi Ginger Dip - A zesty spicy dip that compliments any type of food being dunked into it!
Carolina BBQ Sauce - In the South, BBQ sauce can take many different forms. Baste your grilled chicken with this and get ready to lick your fingers!
Steak Fajitas - You can use pretty much any cut of meat for these or if you have left over roast or steak, put it to good use!
Fresh Salsa - This quick and easy salsa is a great add on for any mexican dish or on it's own!
Whiskey BBQ Sauce - Tangy and smokey BBQ sauce that you will want to smother everything in!
Garlic Dill Aioli - This aioli is a fantastic way to add flavour to fries or sandwiches!